It’s been over a decade since I began my first attempt at owning a website. Since then, I’ve found my way from, to Tumblr, Blogspot and who knows where else.

Not to mention the domain names, with some rather embarrassing attempts at naming my blog ‘Dils Place’ as well as other titles that I refuse to ever mention again in my entire life (some of that shit was thought of back in 2007-2009, I was like 15?)

That reminds me that I’m 30 years old and counting — fuck.

My relatively recent pandemic-fueled stint as a full-time Twitch streamer led me to meet a few really awesome people who, collectively, helped me coin the community title of ‘The Pickle Jar,’ which has stuck around me since.

While it began as a community name and, quite frankly, has evolved into a whole, not of nothing in the last year or so… I think that calling this new blog of mine ‘The Pickle Jar’ fits perfectly.

Since I became a professional journalist back in 2021, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn quite a bit to improve my writing ability, and I’ve managed to do some pretty cool stuff since.

But I think there’s still a hole that I wanna fill, mainly in regard to more creative writing in general, but I’ve also wanted to write about what it’s been like to have a stutter… and more importantly, mental health. But I also want to be able to write about random video games I’ve come across, books, music, a cool TikTok video… whatever.

That’s why I think The Pickle Jar is a good name for my personal content. I’m Pickle, and this is my jar of randomness.

Hopefully, I can stick with this one.