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With 2023 almost over, here are my top 5 reviews from the year

I shared a large amount of this on Threads already, but I wrote so much that its hard to cross post across other platforms – so I figure I should finally put this blog to use. Maybe you’ll see more posts from me throughout 2024? Don’t count on it though. Anyway – here’s some highlights from the last 12 months of my career.

I learned quite a bit behind the scenes, and even got a promotion to Senior Writer in September. I’ve covered more tech news than ever, and I couldn’t be happier. To look back at the year, here are my Top 5 favorite reviews and feature articles — both good and bad.

Leading up to the launch of Forza Motorsport in October, I created and led my first full content plan – Sim Racing Wheels! I grew up dreaming of getting my hands on high-end force feedback wheels and it was an absolute dream being able to go hands on with the three that I did.Here’s the roundup that I did, which has links to the reviews:…

In February, I reviewed my first ever full PC. Maingear had just joined forces with Twitch streamer shroud, and released his limited edition build. This was a great opportunity to bring my entertainment knowledge over to the tech world and I learned SO MUCH and I went on to review two other massive PC builds later in the year.…

Keyboards, Keyboards, Keyboards. I *love* mechanical keyboards and it was fantastic furthering my knowledge of them throughout the year.My favorite has to be Razer’s Blackwidow v4 75%, which was among the first to start the trend of gaming keyboards with enthusiast level mods like tape, foam, and gasket mounts with hot swappable switches. It’s still my daily driver to this day.…

However, not everything was sunshine and rainbows throughout 2023. I also had quite a few chances to improve how to be *professionally* negative, with the most stand out option being the Pwnage Stormbreaker. It was a great mouse in theory, but they just dropped the ball across the board with mediocre build quality and super high price.…

But my favorite review of the year – from writing, testing, and learning – belongs to the Ayaneo Kun. I have loved handhelds throughout my entire life and going hands on with my first ever Windows 11 PC handheld was an absolute blast. I can see this being one of my top 5 reviews ever for quite some time.…

Of course, these are just a drop in the bucket of what I’ve written about in 2023. From various viral TikTok stories to LTT and OpenAI drama, it feels like i’ve written about the whole internet. There’s no telling what’s going to be added to my portfolio in 2024, and I cant wait to share stuff with everyone as the year goes on.

For now, it’s time to sit back, relax, and wind down 2023 with the family. Happy Holidays, y’all.

So we meet again.

It’s been over a decade since I began my first attempt at owning a website. Since then, I’ve found my way from, to Tumblr, Blogspot and who knows where else.

Not to mention the domain names, with some rather embarrassing attempts at naming my blog ‘Dils Place’ as well as other titles that I refuse to ever mention again in my entire life (some of that shit was thought of back in 2007-2009, I was like 15?)

That reminds me that I’m 30 years old and counting — fuck.

My relatively recent pandemic-fueled stint as a full-time Twitch streamer led me to meet a few really awesome people who, collectively, helped me coin the community title of ‘The Pickle Jar,’ which has stuck around me since.

While it began as a community name and, quite frankly, has evolved into a whole, not of nothing in the last year or so… I think that calling this new blog of mine ‘The Pickle Jar’ fits perfectly.

Since I became a professional journalist back in 2021, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn quite a bit to improve my writing ability, and I’ve managed to do some pretty cool stuff since.

But I think there’s still a hole that I wanna fill, mainly in regard to more creative writing in general, but I’ve also wanted to write about what it’s been like to have a stutter… and more importantly, mental health. But I also want to be able to write about random video games I’ve come across, books, music, a cool TikTok video… whatever.

That’s why I think The Pickle Jar is a good name for my personal content. I’m Pickle, and this is my jar of randomness.

Hopefully, I can stick with this one.