Gumslingers, a gummy wild west mobile game

Gumslingers, a gummy wild west mobile game



  • Developer: Itatake Games
  • Publisher: Itatake Games
  • Platform(s): iOS, iPad OS, Android
  • Release Date: April 23rd, 2020
  • Price: Free (IAP for more content) 


If you’re interested in mutated gummy fighters, weird gun skins and endless entertainment, this review is something you’re going to want to read. Huge thanks to the developers for showing their game to The Indie Game Collective, a community of indie lovers who want to help showcase games as they come out, or we feel need a few more eyes on them. 

     Since I got my Nintendo Switch, Its not very often you’ll see me enjoying a mobile game that isn’t related to Pokemon or an impulse install from a TikTok ad. However, Gumslingers is going to change that for awhile. 

     The first thing that always bothers me with mobile games is mobile ads. While they do have the ability to be pretty OK, a lot of times I find myself spending more time watching multi-page, 60 second ads than I do actually enjoying the game. Itatake Games has very beautifully inserted an ad every couple battles, making even someone like myself completely OK with running the ad version. 

     Gumslingers starts off with a very simple tutorial, allowing you to very quickly get the controls stuck in your head. It may just be drag and tap, but mastering the aim and timing is what makes the game so addicting.

     The base of Gumslingers is a star system, allowing players to get stars from each battle win, target shoot or boss battle. The game then takes those stars to progress across a reward ladder, giving you various prizes and other game modes. 

      Now you’re probably wondering what the game actually consists of, right? Isn’t that what reviews are for? Well, sure.

     Personally, I love how simple it is. Each level has 6 game modes including the basic shootout, a choose your own gun shootout, target shooting and various bosses. The game does introduce a few battle variations throughout the levels, including obstacles and various ways to jump towards the opponent but it stays about the same throughout. 

     Now I can say that I have not played through every single level, so I’m going to completely admit that I’m very likely missing something from later on in the game that explains this, but there is one part of the game that really confuses me as to why it exists. What possibly could that be, you ask? Well. Not only is there a level system, but there’s also a ranking system. For example, as soon as you start seeing the game tell you that you’re rank 3, level 2 or something similar, it starts to throw you off. It could also just be me, so your mileage may vary. 

     Without going into every little bitty detail of Gumslingers, there’s not much else to say. If you are looking for a well built mobile indie game for a quick burst of entertainment, I highly recommend Gumslingers. $4.99 for the ad-free “Pro” mode and optional cosmetic upgrades in the shop give you a good way to support the developer if you choose to. Just remember though, its not mandatory. 



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