I used Gamer Gloves for 2 weeks – here’s what I think

I used Gamer Gloves for 2 weeks – here’s what I think

A few months ago this company ‘Gamer Gloves’ popped up on Twitter marketing compression gloves for gamers to use while they’re gaming. They’re meant to help ease hand fatigue and allow you to game longer by providing constant pressure on aching joints.

I thought to myself: “Sweet, I type roughly 50k words a week and my hands hurt a lot… I wonder if they’ll send me a pair.” 

Well, they agreed, and about 3 weeks later they showed up in my mailbox. Here’s what I think about these so-called “gamer” gloves. 

Gamer Gloves V1 Source: ShopGamerGloves.com

Gamer Gloves – the Good

When I first found this product, I knew there was a bit of truth behind the marketing. As I’ve gotten older — and completely demolished my hands while working in factories — my hands hurt after typing, gaming, whatever you may think of. When I asked a few other people about what they thought about this new company, they were all in the same boat. 

I received my product from one of their overseas distribution centers during the week, so I eagerly put them on and got back to work reporting the latest entertainment news for Dexerto. 

This leads me to the only good thing I can say about Gamer Gloves — they definitely work as my hands began feeling better within 30 or so minutes.

Gamer Gloves – The Bad

Just before I received my product from Gamer Gloves, my fiance ordered a pair of simple compression gloves from Amazon for right around six dollars — which leads me to my first negative point.

The price – If you head over to their website, you’re met with a “shop now” button right on the front page that leads to the v1 pair of gloves (which is the ones I received) for an insane price of $24.95 — on sale from an absolutely absurd listing price of $79.95.

To my knowledge, they have never offered them not on sale, so I can’t see the “sale” being anything but a marketing technique to make people impulse purchase their product.

Left: Gamer Gloves v1 – Right: My fiance’s six-dollar glove from Amazon

The quality – With Gamer Gloves being at a much higher price point, I expected the quality to set them apart from others. Much to my dismay, they are identical to my fiance’s pair of compression gloves.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather save $20 if they’re going to be identical to a cheaper pair. They do offer a v2 version of the product with “grips” on the glove, but not without an additional five-dollar upcharge on the sale price.

Gamer Gloves – The conclusion

While this is largely a review of the v1 version of the gloves, I feel the entire website needs to be mentioned. When you first open the site, you’re met with a rather large ‘shop now’ button just below their emphasis on their winter sale. Once you click, you’re sent directly to the listing for the v1 glove design.

It’s not until you look at the top of the website and find their ‘shop products’ page, which sends you to the up-charged v2 gloves, generic plastic ‘gamer glasses,’ and a random plastic ‘dexterity trainer’ alongside a couple of product bundles.

All in all, while I can recommend compression gloves for those suffering from hand pain while doing literally anything with their hands — just buy them from Amazon and use the twenty bucks you’re saving towards a case of beer or a few cans of GFUEL.

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